Children’s University Canterbury

Children’s University Canterbury The Children’s University aims to raise young people’s aspirations for higher education and encourage lifelong learning. I worked to film the graduation ceremony and create this highlights video. My Role: Videographer / Editor / Director

Lincoln Blue and Golds Awards

Lincoln Blue and Golds 2019 The goal for this video was to capture the awards in a fun and uplifting way and to celebrate the achievements of Lincoln Uni students. My Role: Videographer / Editor / Director

Futsal Tournament

Eid Al-Fitr 2019 Futsal Cup This event highlights video was produced for the Canterbury Resilience Foundation. The aim of the one day futsal tournament was to bring communities together in harmony and connect youth from different cultures and backgrounds. My Role: Videographer / Editor / Director    

All Blacks & Muslim Youth

All Blacks & Muslim Youth This meet the players and training session was set up for the youth affected by the March 15th events in Christchurch. It was a pleasure to produce this video for the Canterbury Resilience Foundation and tell the story about this positive day. My Role: Videographer / Editor / Director

Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 Lincoln Uni I love doing event videography on such a range of events This time I got to work with the incredible graduates of Lincoln Uni 2019 My Role: Videographer / Editor / Director